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Amy Asher’s “How To Be Alone” Is Her First Step Into The Industry

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Currently a student at Belmont working towards a songwriting degree, Amy Asher has become an established Nashville songwriter. Her musical engagement is impressively diverse from performing background vocals at Rocketown for Chey Rose to countless open mics. She was awarded an esteemed place at the writing camp for Universal Publishing in Nashville, which speaks to her budding presence in the industry.

On May 21st, Asher released her first single entitled “How To Be Alone.” She has released music in the past, which is no longer available for listening because Asher feels it does not embody who she felt she was.

“How To Be Alone” is Asher’s first revelation of her own voice. Her music is all about tapping into what feels genuine and creating art around it. She hopes to connect with people while also writing songs that feel honest to who she is as a person. In her own words:

“I’m passionate about creating deep relationship with people and listening to their life stories and putting them to music in three minutes, that’s what’s so beautiful about songwriting.

It is exciting to envision the road that lies ahead for Amy Asher. Her young spirit combined with a foundation of enriching experience will propel her to fame.

Written by: Lillian McCarty


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