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Boogiewoman Showcases Makes Us Want To Dance!

Boogiewoman is a female curated art and music show that holds its' events bi-annually. The founder, Alix Fischer, is now into her third year of expanding Boogiewoman, having featured top local bands, vendors, and artists at the showcases. Alix strives to push boundaries with Boggiewoman, and hones in on getting her unique and authentic voice heard throughout the artistic community.

Boogiewoman has also hosted two main events and one mini series this past summer called, Summer Haze at Treehouse Co-live. At the first event, almost 700+ guests showed up, with more than 800 people at their second event this past May. Boogiewoman has been nothing but a hit, and will continue to thrive within the Los Angeles area. We are excited for their upcoming events, and look forward to being apart of their community!

Follow their journey below.


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