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Carly and Martina’s “Honeymoon” Transports You To A Sweeter Place

The Chicago-based twin duo, Carly and Martina, are ones to look out for with the release of their new single “Honeymoon”. “Honeymoon” is instantly intriguing from the second it beings to play. With keyboard beats that sound like water droplets echoing the repeating voice of “da da da da da”, Carly and Martina build the listener up to the dip their sultry voices create. With harmonies that lightly sail around the water of the melody, “Honeymoon” is a fun, smooth ride the whole way through.  

With lyrics like “Be my getaway, I’m thinking you’re my sweeter place” this track can easily become an escape to the sweeter place Carly and Martina are singing about. As the song ebbs and flows, the momentum glides through the end, leaving you wanting to travel further into the sister’s music. Fans won’t have to wait too long to hear more as the duo is working on their upcoming debut album “Are You Listening?”

“Are You Listening” is not only written, sung, mixed and produced by Carly and Martina, but acts as a visual album that supports various artists and influencers as well! Beyond their music, the duo works with schools in raising awareness for anti-bullying, as well as lending their talents to fundraisers for non-profit organizations. With their passion for music, they host song-writing programs for others to discover the magic that is found in music.

Shows including The Bold Type, LA’s Finest, and High Fidelity have discovered the magic of Carly and Martina’s music by featuring their tantalizing tunes. Their names appear on top Apple Music and Shazam playlists, along with their last single “Your Song”. Capturing the casual confidence of Selena Gomez’s and Lana Del Ray’s vocals and sound, Carly and Martina are well on their way to success with “Honeymoon” as their new release! 

Written by: Jessica Nolan


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