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Daniel Dávila's Puerto Rican Roots Shine Through EP

Daniel Dávila has officially released his full length EP, 303's. Songs including:

Daniel Dávila is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He has sung and worked on records for artists like Kanye West and Robert Glasper. His own music embodies his Puerto Rican culture, incorporating only instruments that he has taken back with him from the island. His sound and style fuse meditative latin instrumentation and arrangements with a smooth soul tone.

Daniel’s debut EP was released on October 1st, and is an introduction to his unique genre-bending world. After working with some of the biggest hip-hop stars, Daniel wanted to find a way to blend his contemporary style while staying true in representing hisLatin culture. He began to incorporate old traditional Puerto Rican instruments and reimagined them into a storytelling singer-songwriter world. His EP is reflective, introspective and nostalgic -talking about previous failed relationships and deeper personal feelings we’ve all been experiencing in isolation. All of Daniel’s songs are written, played, and produced by him, making it a genuinely hand-made extension of himself


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