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The Trusted Deliver Honest, Charismatic New Single “The Innocent”

Charismatically charming from admitting their youth and naivety, there’s a depth of emotion in the Trusted’s new single “The Innocent”.  Resembling the sound of Jimmy Eat World, the 1975, and The Clash, the four members that make up the alt-rock band, Dave Batchelor, Dale Holt-Mead, Fin Cunningham, and Tom Cunningham, want nothing short of giving their audience all the feels. The Southend-On Sea natives’ aim with their music is for their audience to deeply feel the music they play, whether that's through online platforms or in live shows. With honest storytelling paired with a feel-good cinematic sound, the Trusted accomplishes just that with “The Innocent”.

The Trusted throws you into their electric sound like splatter paint, all at once, with vocals that effortlessly ooze their rich lyrics. Singing “I’m waiting for a reason to exist, living off honest mistakes”, and “hanging from the edge I have nothing but a pair of dangerous eyes” the Trusted’s lyrics are a combination of truth and poetry on a backdrop of charged, vibrant grooves and slides. A response to the American dream, "The Innocent” captures what it means to chase your dreams, no matter the rollercoaster of hopeful, youthful, messy feelings it holds.

Starting from a young age, the band has gained a vast following through their career and with heavy Spotify plays, BBC radio plays, and two successful tours, they are just getting started. 

Written by: Jessica Nolan


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