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We Want To "Roll" With Nikki King

Nikki King is a brand new pop artist who is ready to take the music industry by storm with her latest single, "Roll". "Roll" is an unapologetic dance song that captures the wanderlust Coachella culture of living the highs of your best life, falling in love, and getting lost in yourself.

Nikki King is no stranger to the entertainment world. She received her BFA in acting with honors from the world-renowned, NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, graduating at the age of 19. Choosing to leave her NYC theatre circuit for Hollywood, Nikki moved to Los Angeles where she landed some smaller roles including one in Awkward (TV Show). Thinking she finally caught her big break, Nikki was cast as a primary role in a major feature film collaborating with A-list directors and cinematographers. However, the film never made it to post, and so, Nikki found herself having to take her career into her own hands. An actress, writer, entrepreneur, and storyteller, Nikki committed to using her art to uplift people out of the dark crevices of the world. Having always been a multi-hyphenated artist, Nikki was encouraged to make the leap into the music scene by her acting manager, Gary Ousdahl (Guns N' Roses, Wu Tang Clan).



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