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P1HARMONY Is "Killin' It" On Debut Album

Presently rising on the Top 40 radio chart in the US, P1Harmony (피원하모니) (@P1H_official) competes on their own terms without compromise, as they official deliver their distinctive style on their first full-length studio album, “때깔 (Killin‘ It),” arriving three years and six “mini album” projects since their debut.

The debut album features 10 new songs written by the band, including JONGSEOB who co-wrote the lyrics for the entire project, with collaborators. KEEHO, JIUNG, INTAK and others wrote other tracks, including the last track dedicated to the fans, “I See U,” composed as a touching confession to P1ece, the army who drives up the stream counts (including +20 million views in one night for “JUMP”) and sells out US tours (like their first, in less than 30 minutes). 

The synth-driven title-track, ‘때깔 (Killin’ It)’ is the first song on the album. The minimal composition incorporates a catchy 808 base with well-crafted rap flow paying homage to a fusion of K-Pop and 90s hip-hop! 

In addition to the title track, there’s the sophisticated and sentimental track ‘Late Night Calls,’ stand-out track ‘Everybody Clap’ with free-style chanting, an easy-listening track ‘꿍꿍이 (Love Story)’, ‘Countdown To Love’ with a hip-hop sentiment, ‘Emergency’ which offers tension and romance, ‘2Nite’ that presents a brand new sound for P1Harmony, ‘Let Me Love You’ with witty lyrics, and a confidence-boosting anthem, 'Street Star'. The multi-faceted K-Pop act demonstrates color and confidence in their first full album further solidifying their band identity in the global music sphere.

This 1st album “때깔 (Killin‘ It)” follows the successful release of 6 mini album - a 3-album DISHARMONY series and the most recent 3-album HARMONY series - which included break-out singles: “JUMP,” nodding 23 Million YouTube views, “Back Down,” also performed on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and “Do It Like This” which sees the fans dance… and chant at everyone of the live shows! 

The completion of the harmonious world (the HARMONY series) revealed P1Harmony as hidden HEROES (NEW KIDS) and protagonists facing the world with the band ‘fused’ as one in the REAL WORLD. P1Harmony’s universe shows P1ece that the band was the hidden hero who saved the world as the true protagonist, a story that weaves through all their prior mini albums.

The six-member Korean singer-and-rapper’s performances, songwriting and dance moves have also scored the band a slot at Gov Ball music festival on June 8th at New York’s Flushing Meadows Corona Park. In other touring news, P1Harmony completed the final leg of their P1USTAGE H : P1ONEER tour in Europe this month, following 2023 headline dates in Asia, Australia, new Zealand, their first headline run in Latin America, and North America. 


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