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P1Harmony's US Television Debut

Korean pop singers, songwriters, and dancing 6-piece act P1Harmony (피원하모니) continue their successful year with the announcement of their fifth mini-album, “Harmony: Set In,” arriving on November 30th.

The second offering from the band’s Harmony series, and 6-song tracklist, also arrives with a string of teasers showcasing P1Harmony’s next singleBack Down,” which the band also leaked that they will also perform during their US television debut on The Kelly Clarkson Show on November 29th ((tune into local listings on NBC and on YouTube at 3pm PT/6pm ET)).

This follows P1Harmony’s launch into US television with a recent comedy sketch appearance that aired on the The Daily Show with Trevor Noah ((watch here)) and also follows the group’s appearances at some of North America’s largest K-pop events stateside including KCON LA which showcased P1Harmony’s performance style and mission in front of 80,000 fans at area.

“The video for “Back Down” comes with a powerful performance,” Keeho shares. As a band, we worked hard on this new album to make a project our fans would enjoy while also exploring a new side of our musical journal.” Jongseob admits that “Back Down” is his favorite P1Harmony track; “it’s the first single released by the band that he would listen to as a fan” so he really enjoyed working on it.

Speaking to writing the lyrics for the single, Intak explains his inspiration comes from the album concept. “Since we’re talking about friendship in this album series, I couldn’t help but think about my friends and loved ones. So I twisted the idea a bit: “If you’re not my friends, GET OUT OF MY WAY.” I thought it would be a fun way to say it!” “Since our next album is about friendship” Jiung added, “this music video tells the story of building those friendships.”

“The music video for “Back Down” conveys a lot of stories and required a lot of acting.” Theo had fun getting to show off his acting skills and shared that the “acting skills really improved for all of us while we were shooting the video.” Soul also nods the detail on set “was a lot of fun working in such a visually interesting environment. I also had a lot of fun getting to act!”

P1Harmony’s Harmony series kicked off in July with with fan-love and attention for their “Harmony: Zero In” and single “Doom Du Doom” ((watch here))! The project, which the six-piece boy group sing, co-wrote and famed the band for their hip-choreography is available on Spotify & Apple Music, incorporating the P1Harmony signature harmonization and captivating raps while playing with a fresh sound. Opening track “Black Hole” captured an edgier vibe while tracks like “Different Song For Me” showcased a rawer, emotional side. “Yes Man” and “Swagger” proved their undeniable coolness and confidence.

P1Harmony members (Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Soul, Intak & Jongseob), in their mid teens to age 21, continue to make a name for themselves releasing catchy songs made for electrifying dance choreography; garnering attention from the NY Times, Vogue, Rolling Stone, PAPER, TIME, Billboard, Forbes, NME, Teen Vogue, HYPEBAE, Entertainment Tonight, Refinery29. The video for "Do It Like This" has over 8 million views and their Pink Sweat$ collab "Gotta Get Back” followed the band garnering millions of streams on a cover of his song “At My Worst”. The band was nominated for "Best Rookie of the Year'' at Korea's 2021 MAMA Awards and there’s only more to come.

For more P1Harmony information:

Instagram: @p1h_official

Twitter: @p1h_official


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