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50 Bands - 9 Countries - 3 Days - Tons of Booze

Following on from the huge success of Hamburg’s Booze Cruise Festivals, the team behind one of mainland Europe’s premiere DIY-punk-rock weekends are now bringing the festival to the UK for the first time.

Having already become a fan favorite of the festival circuit on the mainland in a short space of time, Booze Cruise will be bringing its unique atmosphere and intimate boat shows to Bristol later this year.

The venues are: The Exchange & Stag and Hounds.

“We like Booze Cruise to feel like a boozy gathering of friends rather than a music festival.” states Jonas.“We love small, sweaty, wild shows, so seeing bands playing in clubs with a max capacity of 350 —all day long for 3 days straight—sounds like paradise to me. That, and you don’t need to sleep in a tent!"

“We like to think we have a unique line up—almost none of the bands playing could be found on the bill of any other festivals this year. We love the idea of being a festival for genuine music discovery. Chances are you haven’t heard of all of the bands playing in both Bristol and Hamburg before, but you might end up walking home with a record by your new favorite band."

“Diversity and inclusivity are very important to us, and we hope that our artist programming and marketing reflect the family atmosphere we want to create at the festival.”

Bristol’s Booze Cruise is a socially aware organization and is proud to support a number of causes. This year will see a portion of profits donated to Sea Watch, a not-for-profit organization that helps to rescue refugees stranded in the Mediterranean Sea.





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