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BULAT's New EP Is A Lot Closer Than You Think

Bulat is a skilled singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actor who was born in Russia, raised in England, and is now based in California. His music mixes folk, rock, reggae, and Latin influences with his own unique way of writing both vocal and instrumental songs. He cut his musical teeth learning to play songs by Green Day, Blink 182, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, then went on to study music technology and commercial music production. His solo releases "Just Before The Beat" and "Still So Far Away" show Bulat to be an adept musician, lyricist, and producer capable of expressing high-energy rock as easily as delicate acoustic music.

Bulat's new EP, 'Still So Far Away', truly takes you on a journey, showcasing his exceptional musical talents in his unique compositions. His multi-cultural upbringing shines through his distinct sounds that leaves you coming back for more.






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