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Casey Reynolds Makes Me Like "The Way That I Am"

Casey Reynolds is here with his highly anticipated EP, The Way That I Am. The Way That I Am represents all of the different sides of Casey Reynolds as an artist. “I've never fully allowed myself to be seen in as transparent of a way as I did with this project. I was at a crossroads in my life... I was seeking success in my music career, I was going through the motions of a life event, and at some points it felt like I was in a state of chaos.  It wasn’t until I made the hard decisions to get on track that I was able to put the time, energy, and focus into my music that was necessary to make this EP," says Casey.

This EP consists of songs including:

1. "The Way That I Am"

2. "Young & Reckless"

3. "Wishing Wells"

4. "No Love In La"

5. "Anxiety"

6. "Stay With You"

7. "Partially"

Casey Reynolds has an ear-catching voice and a current sound that is driving the success of The Way That I Am. Everyone who listens to the EP will be able to parallel their lives and experiences in some way to the singer's. Not only are these songs easily relatable, but they are also bangers.



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