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Chris Tuttle Gives Us A One-Way Ticket To LA

Electronic artist, Chris Tuttle, announces the release of his second original single "City Lights". "City Lights" is an upbeat, acoustic-electronica instrumental written about the lights of Los Angeles. "There's a beautiful view in the Hollywood Hills where I took the photo for the artwork. I love the vast lights of the city and how it gives a sense of wonderment. Makes you feel like anything is possible," Tuttle says. The pulsating beat and twinkling sounds of "City Lights" transports any listener right into the heart of the bustling city of Los Angeles.

A seasoned touring and recording musician, songwriter, producer, and composer, Chris Tuttle is finally sharing his own original music. Blending an intriguing array of acoustic and electronica elements, Tuttle challenges the conventional song format to "walk the fine line between trying to keep elements of rhythm and composition people can relate to and pushing the sonic envelope a bit" (Chris Tuttle). Having toured the world and made records with iconic Americana artists such as EmmyLou Harris, Jewel, Rodney Crowell, The Indigo Girls, and Raul Malo, Tuttle is settling into the groove of speaking his own musical truths that allow listeners to question the traditional format of music alongside him.


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