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Cliffs + Caves Show "Defiance" In Their New Music Video

Stepping away from their traditional Indie-folk blended sound, Cliffs + Caves created a fierce indie-rock song - "Defiance". Written as a battle cry, standing up for the powerless who can't speak up for themselves, the song was deeply inspired by an interview from a victim of sexual violence, and aims to say "we won't be quiet anymore". Cliffs + Caves aim to use their platform for more than just music.... but to vocalize the cries of anyone who has been victimized or oppressed. 

The heart warming mother-daughter duo combine their love for music and their passion for helping others in this beautiful music video. Not only is the moody setting the perfect aesthetic to bring their message to life, but the tune itself just draws you in. Cliffs + Caves are making a name for themselves by breaking social norms and pushing the boundaries. We can't wait to see what they have in store next.


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