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Cooper Phillip is "Low Key" Becoming a Super Star

Russian pop star, Cooper Phillip, is here with her highly anticipated music video for her latest single, "Low Key".

New single, "Low Key", is an infectious pop anthem highlighting pounding electronic beats, soaring soulful vocals and vibrant synth soundscapes. The song narrates hiding in a relationship, accepting that you're just a side act, until everything eventually escalates and you realize that your worth is so much more valuable, ultimately making the final decision to cut all ties. The visuals for "Low Key" feature Netflix star Michael Mitchell, and showcase the story of a girl feeling unimportant in the relationship. The stunning dance routine is choreographed by one of Mariah Carey's dancers, G Madison. 

Phillip’s music features an underlying theme of strength, grace, and empowerment, which stems from her immigrant background and growing up in Opera houses around Russia. "I believe we underestimate ourselves often and our fear takes over. My goal is to show people that they are stronger and can do much more than they think they can.”, she admits. Using true life stories, hardships, and experiences, the songwriter emits authenticity and courage throughout her music. 

Cooper Phillip has seen success with her previous single, garnering over 10 million listens online. She has also developed an impressive and loyal fanbase, particularly on social media, and has performed at some of Los Angeles most prestigious venues. 

Watch the music video here:



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