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Crown Bellsavvy for “Queen of My Mind”

Bellsavvy, a pop singer/songwriter based in London has crafted an influential anthem women of all ages can so easily relate to. A dance and pop piece produced by David Lei Brandt, with a sound similar to those of Demi Lovato and Dua Lipa, “Queen of My Mind” uplifts anyone who listens to it. The powerful new single comes directly from the artist’s personal experience within the modeling industry. Kickstarting her career in Brazil, where she was raised, Bellsavvy appeared on the show “Studio Acesso Girls MTV” and has had various roles in movies and musicals since, including modeling opportunities. What she experienced in these professional roles changed everything for her.

Being shamed and criticized for her weight and appearance as her body began to change, Bellsavvy began to believe that she was not good enough and might not ever be. The devastation and questioning that came from this led Bellsavvy to mentally breakdown and doubt herself. Always containing a passion for and a deep connection to music, she wasn’t surprised to find herself turning to songwriting to express the struggles of self-doubt she was dealing with and self-love she was craving. From the hurt, she found hope and self-confidence in writing “Queen of My Mind” with optimism that by sharing her vulnerable, personal story, it would inspire and promote self-esteem in others. 

Starting with strong, prominent vocals, the synth-beat based track builds as Bellsavvy’s lyrics create an atmosphere of acceptance and confidence. “Queen of My Mind” is the heart of Bellsavvy realizing that no matter what she has been told about herself, it ultimately comes down to what she believes about who she is and what she stands for. With lyrics explaining the flaws we can find and the lies we can tell ourselves, she flawlessly encourages and strengthens the listener to celebrate the beauty found in their insecurities. Crown Bellsavvy for being bold in sharing her story, empowering us all to fight to be the queens of our minds! 

Written by: Jessica Nolan


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