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"Greasy Spoon" Full of Sugar

"Greasy Spoon" is the first of four singles planned for 2018 for the Boston-based garage rock band, Birdgangs, which was recently released. Written about an experience that lead singer Jack Davis had in college, it explores the unexpected and often comedic consequences of romantic missteps, impulsive Uber rides, and late night pancakes.

Birdgangs are the wind beneath your wings. Slightly less aggressive than the name suggests, these birds provide sanctuary for those seeking some good old fashioned East Coast Garage Rock Surf and Turf. Not fans of fowl play, Birdgangs bring frenetic energy, infectious melodies and an allergy for almonds wherever they go.

Formed in 2017 by friends Jack Davis (guitar, lead vocals), Matt Bates (lead guitar), Julien Schremmer (bass), and Fernando Echeverry (drums), they released their debut EP Maximum Suction in March 2018. Since then, Birdgangs have been gigging around the Northeast US, earning The Deli Magazine’s recognition as one of the Best of New England's Emerging Artists. Their music “produces creative, cutting-edge surf music in the East with gripping honesty in the lyrics, surprising structural rhythms, and a zinging guitar fingerprint.”

Influenced by the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Johnny Cash, and Real Estate, Birdgangs digests only the highest quality seeds to regurgitate a new strain of bird flu you never knew you wanted.

Their unique vocals and production captivate their listeners, making them crave more and more. Definitely keep your eye out for Birdgangs, you won't want to miss them.


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