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Exclusive Interview With Cowboy Diplomacy

Cowboy Diplomacy has just released their 2nd single, "Bad Man", off of their debut album: Burn Down The Road, releasing on December 13th.

"Bad Man" is rock-style tune with a country twang. The raspy and raw lead vocals are highlighted with the support of perfectly placed and fulfilling back-up vocals. The power-punching drums and pulsating guitar make you want to get up, dance, and shout: "I'm a bad man!".

1. What inspired “Bad Man” ? 

Ian: Brad (bass), Phil Devries (friend and musician), and I were all sitting around on Brad's porch when Brad came up with that groovy bass line. We just started throwing lyrics and ideas around. "Bad Man" was inspired by all of our alter egos. Being rebels and outlaws. Not playing by the rules. 

2. How has the Austin music scene influenced your sound ? 

Ian: Austin is so rich with all kinds of music. There's so many talented artists in one community. I think Austin has influenced us to become better, solely on that fact. We want to give our best effort and product because of how much great music is here. The city itself is full of so many artistic creative people, not just musicians. So many nice, engaging people who can inspire you by simply smiling back and saying "hello." There's great energy in this town. I think that helps us with our writing process and our drive to succeed. 

Matt: Being in Austin introduced me to a level of talent I wasn't familiar with. It pushed me big time to get better.

3. How long have you all been musicians? 

Ian - been singing and playing guitar for 13 years Brad - playing bass for seven years Matt - I've been playing drums for 15 years

Billy - 12 years

4. What is your dream musical collaboration ?

Ian: Raging on stage with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Or dancing and singing on drugs with Jim Morrison. Brad: P-funk (Parliament-Funkadelic)

5. What are your plans for the future?

Ian: To keep growing and playing music. We have our eyes on tapping into other music cities and communities to explore and connect with, Los Angeles or Nashville are at the top of our lists. We also want to continue experimenting with and developing our sound. Continuing to evolve. 


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