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Lady Jesus Blessed the Shrine

UPSAHL at the Shrine Expo Hall on March 18th, 2022

Whether or not you're religious, you probably have a particular perception or interpretation of Jesus Christ. Perhaps it's a savior, a spiritual leader, a teacher, or a liar - the list goes on. While many attend Sunday church services for worship, Taylor Upsahl, or UPSAHL, found worship within herself and followed Yungblud across seven major cities to preach her gospel, Lady Jesus. The character of Lady Jesus draws a close symmetry to Jesus Christ in the sense that she's unapologetic, attention-grabbing, and a punk, similar to the way Jesus Christ consistently defied societal norms, performed miracles, and in one instance, flipped tables to correct injustice. Where she differs, however, is her sensual charm and artistic recklessness - attributes that were on full display when she soft-flashed the Shrine crowd during her song "Time of My Life."

UPSAHL proved that she belonged on the 5,000-cap venue stage, orchestrating a cohesive tapestry of Lady Jesus with a sprinkle of "Drugs'' and "People I Don't Like." Though her music might’ve sounded too punk for the pop kids and too pop for the punk kids, she was unafraid to dance to her poppier beats while simultaneously throwing her middle finger in the air, exhibiting the profound beauty of the in-between. In retrospect, that moment was probably my christening because all I wanna scream now is “All Hail Lady Jesus!”

You can listen to Lady Jesus here.

Photos by Enoch Chuang:


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