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LET THEM ROAR Wants To Be Heard

Colorado based band, LET THEM ROAR, has released their single, "I See My Light", along with the music video. Serving as a humanitarian fundraiser for the preceding months, “I See My Light” is inspired by the women who've taken Sanctuary in Colorado – Sandra Lopez, Rosa Sabido, Ingrid Encalada Latorre, Araceli Velazquez, and Jeanette Vizguerra. These women sought physical refuge in places of worship (“sanctuary”) to keep their families from being separated by deportation, and are leading communities toward a better way forward. LET THEM ROAR created "I See My Light" to be an inspiring message about these leaders and to raise awareness and funds for their Sanctuary community. The proceeds will be benefitting the Sanctuary Leaders of Colorado.

Sanctuary is built from communities coming together to fight immigration policies that tear families apart. The women who've taken sanctuary in Colorado are leading a movement for a just and humane immigration system. Supporting these leaders is a way to further justice for immigrants NOW. To take action, digital downloads of the song may be purchased for a minimum of $1.00, or the complete package (including music video and original artwork) may be purchased for a donation of $10.00 or more. 90% of the proceeds go to the individuals in sanctuary to support their living costs, legal costs, and organizing efforts. Visit to purchase, and learn more about these women's stories, and for additional actions you can take for immigrant rights.

LET THEM ROAR's inspiring efforts of using their platform to raise awareness and to make the world a better place is incredible. Both their single and their music video not only represent them as a band, but also represents the five women. The music video is visually minimalistic with darker lighting and candles, setting a perfect scene to tell the stories of these strong women, while keeping their audience honed into their honest lyrics and passionate harmonies.


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