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Make Some Way for Pheremona's EP "Waybright"

Emma Henry, known as Pheremona, has come a long way from her American Idol and X-Factor days. This Colorado born singer and producer is currently making waves in Los Angeles, California testing boundaries with her style and music that "entices with an aroma of dark electro-pop and trip-hop" (- Girl Underground Music). Her music blends elements of dream pop, witch house, and trip hop into a hauntingly irresistible soundscape. She is the "very definition of what new age music should be - adventurous, experimental, and has these warped little ideas that she turns into a symphony of titillating blends of dream pop, witch house, and trip hop" (- The Lola Sessions). Her debut album, Waybright, is only a taste of the fierce female musicality that is to come from Pheremona. This EP puts you in a dream-like state that you want to stay in forever.





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