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Makenna Is The Definition Of A Girl Boss

Makenna Cortney, born and raised in Los Angeles, has had a deep-rooted passion for the music industry for as long as she can remember. She immerses herself in the music scene as often as possible. Whether she is working or attending, you’ve probably seen her at a show. Her days and nights typically consist of festivals, concerts and album release parties.

While at the University of Southern California, she double majored in Cultural Anthropology and NGOs & Social Change and triple minored in Music Industry, Popular Music Studies and Cinematic Arts. Her fascination with human behavior and social interaction, particularly within the live music environment, gave way to her thesis about social behavior and the importance of community at The Echo in Echo Park.

After interning for Angry Mob Music Group and Spaceland Presents, she was inspired by the songwriters and talent buyers who she had worked with closely to start a company of her own. With the desire to create stimulating and memorable experiences for people, she launched Wide-eyed Presents.

Wide-eyed Presents is a concert promotion company dedicated to showcasing up-and-coming talent throughout Los Angeles. Wide-eyed Presents focuses on curating live music events that generate positivity for performers and concertgoers alike. Wide-eyed is currently booking shows at The Love Song Bar, The Friend, The Spare Room, Winsome and Genghis Cohen. Be on the lookout for where you’ll see Wide-eyed next!


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