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Micky James's “Kings” Is Glam Rock Heaven

Featured on Spotify’s New Noise playlist that dives into the rising voices of the rock/alternative world, Micky James appears with his new single “Kings”. With influences like Bowie, Queen, and The Clash, James effortlessly embodies the glam rock’n’roll style and image, personally and musically. Enticing and electric, “Kings” is a modern, updated sound to the music that inspires him.

James shifts you from park to gear in “Kings” by the opening ten seconds. Fun and exhilarating, the track immediately gets you on your feet, and with fast spoken alliterated lines to falsetto “uh huhs”, James keeps you on your toes. Placing distorted, layered background screams and vocals that fit together like puzzle pieces, the new single has a surprise at each turn.

With the surprise of a slight slowing down at the bridge, James not only shows off his diverse skill set, but he amplifies the message of the track. With lyrics like “Can you feel the heat now in the streets cause we’re cutting your power lines out”, he shines a light on the voices of younger generations in the midst of social changes occurring.

With the experience of touring and creating music with his previous band, Micky James has set up his own platform to craft the message and sound of his unique voice to put out into the world. With acclaim from Billboard and Sirius XM as well as the release of “Kings”, the world is only hearing the beginning from Micky James!

Written by: Jessica Nolan


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