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"Morals" Hits Close To Home for SC. Undercover

From Birmingham, UK, SC.Undercover's new single "Morals" is one that hits him close to home. Building his music on the foundation of UK garage pop that he grew up on, SCU uses music as an escape. The beat-based track "Morals" is a sequel to "Darkness Before Lies" that deals with his struggles with depression and with addictions. SC.Undercover succeeds in having a meaningful, cohesive theme and storyline through each song, despite their contrasting sound. The falsetto voice pulls you in on "Morals" as it ascends above the beat, carrying the flaws and regrets SC.Undercover vulnerably admits in the lyrics. Cleverly filling the rest of the space with indie, pop, and R&B influences, SCU intentionally communicates the rollercoaster of emotion in the storyline he weaves through about his struggles with mental health.

The message of bringing awareness to mental health adds a depth to the slick surface of "Morals".  The single gives a clear indication of SC.Undercover's message, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel from the darkness of our mistakes and our pasts. Not only through music does SC.Undercover bring light to the shadows that have been cast over him, but through talks and presentations outside of his music as well. SCU hopes that by communicating a message that hits so close to his heart, he can connect and reach as many people as possible to know they are not alone, especially through his music. SC.Undercover does an excellent job of bending rules and mixing genres to craft his own distinct, unique sound in "Morals", delivering a universal message with a deep, personal touch. 

Written by: Jessica Nolan


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