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MTV Host Xavier Brinkman Joins Cast Of “Dream Life”

Whether you know him as MTV’s Australia’s celebrity interviewer or the frontman of indie rock band Elovay, Xavier has now taken on a new role in FYI Network’s latest reality series, “Dream Life.”  We caught up with him to get the inside scoop on what this new show is all about and how he got involved with it.  “The show is centered around Aussie Serena De Comarmond moving to Los Angeles from Melbourne to set up a new business. Being new to the city she pulls in several friends to help her navigate the city and consult on different areas of the project. As the show progresses, it becomes less about the new business and more about entrepreneurship and just young professionals who have uprooted their life to move to Los Angeles and pursue their dreams.  Being that I host a weekly series interviewing influencers and content creators, I came on the show to consult in influencer marketing and branding. I was actually only supposed to be in an episode or two but one thing led to another and I became a main cast member!” Xavier went on to tell us that the show was filmed in Beverly Hills, Downtown LA and Malibu, and even features his band playing a live performance in the finale episode! 

The first season of “Dream Life” is currently airing on Sundays at 10am on FYI Network, as well as Hulu Live and several other streaming platforms.  





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