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Nessa Dove Lights It Up With Her Debut Single

Nessa Dove is a Canadian born Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter with diverse East African heritage, who is breaking through the music industry gates with her debut single, "Light It Up"! Her sprinkle of sweet, hint of raw, and dash of unconventional, spews out a delicious alternative/indie blend with pop appeal. Now in NYC, Nessa writes, arranges, and co-produces her music, in addition to playing a mean guitar! In her music, you may hear virtuosic guitar riffs, licks, and solos while she pulls you in with sweet melodies and catchy hooks. Nessa rocks with her heart and soul. She intends to create a musical oasis for all to experience with her. The sky is the limit.

Nessa has dedicated the last several years to honing her craft as a self-taught musician. She’s been living the New York City “artist” life, while simultaneously learning the best lessons of her life, leading to her “bigger purpose” and “ah-ha” moments. Nessa is a spiritual person and believes in the power of love and inclusion, not conforming to racial, religious, economic, cultural, or sexual defining labels that divide and separate us. Having gone against the grain of her conservative African roots, Nessa has curved out her own identity that’s all about freedom and expression.

Nessa understands the limitations people put on themselves: the anxieties that hold us back, the stigmas, the fear, and the people pleasing. Having dealt with these issues herself, she has learned some of her biggest lessons and had some of her greatest epiphanies from an unlikely source; the NYC Homeless community. She started busking in the NYC subways a few years after moving to New York City to pursue her musical career. It has been one of the best learning experiences of her life.

One experience particularly stands out on Nessa’s journey. On one fateful night in Union Square, where Nessa and her drummer came across a special homeless man. The experience had her in tears the entire Subway ride back home. The homeless man was full of wisdom, love, words of advice, and encouragement. He showed her the joy of freedom, self expression, letting go, and universal love., which really made them connect. He kept telling her to “fly, just fly”, “be free”, and to “let it be”, as if knowing the yearnings of her soul and her potential.

After a long, magical night of dancing freely and jamming in unison with the music, the man folded his “Nessa Dove” flyer and put it carefully into his pocket. He continued to say “fly, just fly”. This reverberated in Nessa’s soul, and continues as an eternal echo. Truth be told, Nessa has always wanted to fly, and to express freely unchained and unbound like a bird. A once inhibited, people pleasing Vanessa, Nessa Dove the artist, strives to soar far above, reaching new heights of expression and freedom, while taking all with her on a journey of emotions, experiences, escapism, a sense of aliveness, joy, and connection to something bigger! Nessa wants her listeners to experience this however it means to them. Her affinity for feathers, Dove’s, and birds are a symbol for all of this. They represent her desire to express and live for and from her soul. To let herself feel, let herself go, and let herself be, as the homeless man had exemplified.

Nessa encourages the people who follow her to live their best lives to the fullest. Following their bliss, on their terms, for their souls. This concept truly shines through in Nessa’s music. She considers herself an artist with endless creativity.

Her music touches on a variety of relatable topics including romance, love, and spiritual themes, while expressing the human range of emotion She pulls inspiration from different genres, and clearly doesn’t want to be bound or confined. You may hear her shredding guitar one moment, singing soulfully another, or beat boxing the next. She wants to bring her fans the best version of herself.






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