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NYC Pop Singer, Giselle, Launches Campaign for Alzheimer's Awareness

NYC pop singer Giselle is set to launch a two-month-long campaign for Alzheimer’s awareness. 50% of all profits from her merchandise sales will go to benefit Alzheimer’s charity Alzheimer’s New Jersey (ALZ NJ). The campaign will run from September 21 to November 21.

Giselle first made waves when she sang an FX-Networks-featured comedic viral hit. Most notably, she has also collaborated with well-known Kenyan rapper XTATIC and later released her highly-anticipated debut album "Not Ready To Grow Up" in November of 2017, featuring her most honest and vulnerable songwriting to date.

Giselle is an advocate for Alzheimer’s Awareness, working closely with Alzheimer’s organizations such as Alzheimer’s New Jersey and Act Now. In 2016, Giselle hosted a benefit event to spread awareness and raise funds for ALZ NJ. Later that year, Giselle released a raw, emotional music video for her song ‘Hazy Eyes,’ which she wrote as tribute to her grandmother who she lost to Alzheimer’s.

“I wrote ‘Hazy Eyes’ about my grandmother while she was alive and we recorded the video the week of her funeral in one take, just like the audio recording. It was my most personal video yet and the most difficult video for me to film,” Giselle states.

Giselle has also served as Ambassador in ALZ NJ’s 2017 Walk, using her platform to offer her solidarity and to speak on the hardships of the disease for all those affected.

She continues, “Statistics show that soon 1 in 2 people will either have Alzheimer's or will be taking care of someone with it, and that is not acceptable. My family and I didn't know much about Alzheimer’s disease while my grandmother was suffering from it, and that is unfortunately the case with many others. It's important that we start raising awareness.” According to ALZ NJ’s website, their mission is “to respond to the needs of people in New Jersey who are affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, by providing programs and community partnerships that increase awareness and access to services.”

“I had reached out initially to Alzheimer’s New Jersey after the release of ‘Hazy Eyes’, which I wrote in commemoration of my grandmother, Elena Fleitas Cañaveral, who passed away from Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s New Jersey is an organization whose work I believe in, and I asked them for help in promoting the video in hopes that they could help me spread awareness. ALZ NJ President and CEO Kenneth C. Zaentz, and Vice President Julie E. Schuldner, responded very generously and were eager to help me in any way they could. From there, I have worked closely with ALZ NJ, and they are an incredible team to work with,” says Giselle. “They continue to help me and many others stand behind a cause that has affected us so personally.”

Originally from Miami, Florida Giselle moved to New York City to pursue a singing career. Though classically trained in opera, Giselle's vocal style evolved as she began charting new territories as a songwriter. Inspired by her family’s taste in predominantly Latin music, jazz, and oldies, in addition to her own love of classical music and pop culture, Giselle began to build a successful music career of her own.

Official Giselle merchandise, of which 50% of all profits received will be donated to ALZ NJ, can be purchased online and at Giselle’s live shows.


September 21 - Rockwood Music Hall​ - New York, NY

September 29 - Sofar Sounds​ - New York, NY

September 30 - ALZ NJ Skyland Regional Walk​ - Morristown, NJ

October 1 - BMI Acoustic Lounge​ - Los Angeles, CA

October 3 - Sofar Sounds​ - Los Angeles, CA

October 11 - Sofar Sounds - New York, NY ​

October 20 - Sofar Sounds - Philadelphia, PA ​

November 10 - Sofar Sounds​ - New York, NY

November 14 - Sofar Sounds​ - Boston, MA







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