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Russian Pop Princess: POLI

Russian artist, POLI, is here with her latest single, "On The Line".

Her sound is a refreshing blend of pop, modern R&B, and jazz, with elements of electronic/dance music. Sensual and imaginative melodies dance around funky and futuristic beats, as she touches on themes of self-discovery, life’s nuances, and relationships. She embodies the journey of a young creative woman finding her way in the modern world.

As the daughter of musical parents, POLI grew up on jazz, motown, and soul. She began singing at a young age, and even won fans over as a semi-finalist on the popular TV show,The Voice, in her native city of Moscow.

"On The Line" is a unique song that is embarking on the music industry trend of genre-fluidity, which POLI flawlessly executed. Her music is refreshing, moody, and romantic.


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