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She Came, She Slung, She Conquered: Clairo At The Greek Theatre

Clairo at the Greek Theatre on April 2nd, 2022

Graduating from the virality of “Photo Booth” bedroom pop and TikTok trends, Clairo channeled her deepest vulnerability and newfound maturity into sophomore album Sling and catered it to her LA fans at The Greek Theatre on Saturday. The night was filled with highlights including her duet with Grammy-Nominated opener Arlo Parks on lead-single “Blouse” and the surprise live performance of unreleased track “Nomad.”

While she was accompanied by a plethora of instruments, from flutes and clarinets to saxophones, her interpretation of “growing up” remained beautifully intimate. There was something warm about the way that Clairo carried herself, even when she performed her sadder songs. Perhaps it’s the lantern-filled stage, her infectious smile, Sling’s rustic undertone, or all of them above, but whatever it was, the rawness and endearment gave the LA residents a much-needed night of fresh air.

Photos by Enoch Chuang:


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