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Stevie Knight Produces Your Favorite Songs

Well-known Australian music producer is riding international waves as artists from all over the world are eager to create in his studio.

Aria nominated producer, Stevie Knight, has been in the music industry for 20+ years producing top alternative anthems to pop hits, and everything in between, resulting in hundreds-of-millions of streams. Outside of sessions, Stevie is the lead singer for Australian rock band, The Dead Love, giving him an explosive edge to work with musicians in a way that shatters them through the boxes that the music industry puts them in.

Having gained major alternative recognition by writing fan favorites from Trophy Eyes, Stand Atlantic, Nothing Nowhere, Royal & The Serpent, You Me At Six, Tom The Mailman, and Yours Truly, Stevie is just getting started and is rumored to deep dive into the music industry beyond the rock genre, straight into US top charts. Fans can expect to hear upcoming songs that he produced from Mothica, The Summer Set, Hey Violet, 7evin7ins, Phem, and more.


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