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Take-Off with AIRPORTS’s “U Feel It 2”

Look no further than AIRPORTS's “U Feel It 2” for the next soundtrack of your summer. As a multifaceted independent artist from Australia, AIRPORTS writes, sings, engineers, and produces his own music. Going through life-defining illnesses, AIRPORTS uses his music to vocally promote personal growth and make his audience aware of mental health. With the likes of Lauv, LANY, and Conor Matthews, “U Feel It 2” is a breezy pop piece that captivates you from its synth start, showcasing his ability to turn negative experiences into a soaring, creative positive.

Singing “I’ve been losing my faith, losing my faith, so I stumble your way, stumble your way, I’m yours, I’m yours” you get lost in AIRPORTS's velvety vocals that seem to melt from his mouth, effortlessly smooth. Lyrics that range from explaining the light a relationship can bring, to the dark of a habit you can’t seem to kick, AIRPORTS explores all the feelings of not being able to escape something. Though the lyrics can be interpreted as a chained feeling, the song in itself is freeing and weightless, floating through your speakers on a night drive. AIRPORTS turns melancholy feelings into a track you want to dance to.

As AIRPORTS let his guard down with a vulnerable track, his fan base did the same with its unique visual. The music video for “U Feel it 2” shows how everyone, particularly in this time in history, is going through individual, personal struggles, but by coming together, we can lift each other up because we all feel an effect from this time. With over 670,000 independent Spotify streams, AIRPORTS should expect to see those numbers rise with “U Feel It 2”. 

Written by: Jessica Nolan


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