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"Uh Huh Yeah" A New Nostalgic Sound from Katie Wood

“Uh Huh Yeah” the new single from London based artist Katie Wood could have been plucked straight from an 80’s John Hughes film. With a synth-pop start and a nostalgic, punk edge groove, Wood’s new single is electric with a mysterious softness. Her powerful new single comes from the powerless feelings she experienced from agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder that entails emotions ranging from anger, helplessness, and frustration. From the chaos that swirled around her, Katie delivers a clear message and distinct sound in “Uh Huh Yeah”.

The lyrics “close the door and turn around, I know that I am stronger now” fall from Katie’s stunningly hazy, distorted vocals, shedding daylight on the darkness we can feel. The buoyant beat of the track paired with the depth of Wood’s feelings is cleverly expressed.  Using writing and music as an escape, Wood’s aspiration is that through her music, others can find hope, comfort, and encouragement that they are not alone in how they feel.

Eccentric and authentic, Katie Wood has a rare sound influenced by the likes of Bowie and Blondie that could easily resonate with fans of Kate Bush. A self-produced track promoting self-assurance, Katie Wood’s “Uh Huh Yeah” is well worth a listen. 

Written by: Jessica Nolan


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