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Want to taste the rainbow? Listen to pop!SUGAR.

A conceptual electronic-pop music act based around sugar-rush inspired adrenaline, pop!SUGAR, just made their debut with their single,Taste The Rainbow, followed by a lyric video.

Despite being the new kids on the block, the group is capable, versatile, and set to rise to the top in the contemporary pop music space. Charged with waves of electronic stabs, glitches, and subtle ethnic undertones, their production marries fresh, fun, and feisty, with plenty of energy to spare.

The group stated, "One of the main reasons why we even started pop!SUGAR was to spread positivity and happy music on the internet. With all the rapid technological advancements and accessibility, everyone who owns a smart device gets to share their feelings and opinions freely. Progress is definitely a great thing. But with that also comes a steady increase in hateful messages, comments and cyber bullying activities in recent years. We strive to be that part of the internet that fights off negativity with uplifting tunes and lighthearted melodies. A little online happy pill."





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