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Watch Out For This Killer Country Artist

“’Nothing but a Song (Between Us)’ is the debut single of country singer-songwriter Beau Morgan who has regaled his first attempt in the music business with a future country staple that contains great melodies, stellar arrangement, and deep but affirming lyrics.”

Beau Morgan’s recent debut single “Nothing but a Song (Between Us)” is making the playlist and choice for many country music listeners across the nation, with a revolutionary sound, insightful lyrics, and Mr. Morgan’s great voice recounting a love that you may find yourself personally relating to.

Beau Morgan is a singer-songwriter, poet and author who has been decisively influenced by the American tradition of old, and aims to bring it to the forefront of his audience. His truly “lightning in a bottle” talent is something that requires a great deal of attention, and that everyone can find some form of value and appeal through the work that he has done. His debut single, “Nothing but a Song (Between Us)”, is a fiery country rocker that will become a resounding hit amongst the ever-present country music audience.

The song has that unmistakable “country twang”, but with layers of instrumentation that would inherently appeal to a modern audience effectively. The composition, as arranged by Mr. Morgan and his associates, took a long time in order to become a reality, but they ultimately pulled through with what can be considered to be a future country staple. Beau Morgan strives to affect his audience on an emotional level, and give a positive sense of meaning by all possible accounts. This can be seen through the lyrics of the song, which recounts the old longing for a girl, but states that it might be entirely plausible for the relationship to be true and meaningful. Ultimately, everything matters, and you will find it to be strangely affirming about love and everything merry in life.

Beau Morgan has always been a dreamer, and this single is supposed to be his ticket to recognition for the country music audience. You may not have heard his name, but his talents are entirely laid bare through all the hard work and accomplishments he had permitted himself on a consistent basis. He has already proven himself as a wordsmith through his published works of both prose and poetry, and, as a result, his sensibilities and thought patterns as an artist truly comes from a wholly genuine place.




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