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We Don't Have to Wish Anymore, Zanna's New Single is Here!

UK artist, Zanna, is here with her newest track, "I Wish You Were Here"!

Undefined by the expected, artist and songwriter Zanna splits her time between musical genres and music capitals of the world, London and Los Angeles. Raised in the English countryside, her passion for music flourished in classical piano training from the age of 6 and school plays as the resident accompanist. In 2012, she went on to study Biological Sciences at University College London, during which time she embarked upon various musical projects, including her debut electro-pop E.P. She released "On Repeat"in 2016, in addition to being featured on 10 albums under her born name, Susie Woodbridge, one of which entered the Christian & Gospel charts at number 1 and number 4 in the top 5. Her faith undoubtedly but inadvertently inspires her lyric-writing; she postulates questions about life with a pure honesty whilst delving into the most relatable life experiences.

Moving from London to LA in 2016, Zanna further expanded her connections and honed in on her songwriting craft. Her vocals lend an ethereal depth to the ever-evolving electronic production she top-lines. She has written with some renowned writers in the music industry, including Dru Decaro, Bubba McCarthy, Willie Weeks, and Dillistone - with whom she worked with for their most recent single, "I Wish You Were Here". The collaboration, which the duo wrote in merely 60 minutes, layers heartfelt and raw lyrics over addictive drops. The song masterfully builds tension, progressing from a near-chill love song to something you’d play at a house party to get everybody down, never diminishing the feels of the song’s ever-relatable theme. Dillistone released the song featuring Zanna as a part of his "Cutting Room" E.P. in December of 2018, and is now available on all platforms.






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