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We Think We Love Monty Saint

Monty Saint is a BRAND NEW pop-punk/alternative artist debuting his first ever single, "I Think I Love You."

Monty Saint is a 27 year old pop-punk artist from Orange County, CA. Inspired by the nostalgic pop-punk movement during his teenage years, he is reviving the genre with his fresh and new perspective that is soon to take off by his incredibly catchy lyrical hooks and guitar riffs. Similar to artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud, Mod Sun & JXDN, his debut single, "I Think I Love You", will be endlessly stuck in your head from its unforgettable lyrics and melody. He obtained performing experience all through college on a music scholarship while perfecting his craft. He has spent the last couple years building a unique, distinct, and unforgettable image and sound.

Monty Saint is here to bring your teenage nostalgia to your adulthood reality with this punchy, addicting, and feel-good debut single. The next time you get in your car, remember to roll your windows down, blast "I Think I Love You" by Monty Saint, and unapologetically jam out to this ground-breaking tune.


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