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We Want To Go To The "Moonlight Palace"

Colorado/Chicago Hip-Hop Artist, Alex Blocker, recently released Moonlight Palace, a full length album showcasing his unique fusion of contemporary hip-hop, R&B, and jazz. Moonlight Palace features eight original songs from Blocker exploring topics of love, life, and family. Comprised of a compilation of stand-alone singles that display the raw talent of Blocker as both an instrumentalist and vocalist, Moonlight Palace is a strong representation of why Blocker is repeatedly recognized as a "Colorado Artist You Should Know".

Influenced by his Chicago roots, Blocker has expressed musical ingenuity as an instrumentalist and vocalist on six previous releases. Blocker began his musical career producing and recording at YouMedia, an urban creative space in Chicago with previous alumni such as Chance The Rapper, Noname, and Akenya Seymour. Currently collaborating with Colorado artists Nobide and Angelique, he has also shared stages with performers such as Gramatik, Boombox, Masta Ace,  Def-i, Maggie Brown (Daughter of Oscar Brown Jr.), and recorded with John Walt of Chicago's Pivot Gang.  Blocker's latest release, Moonlight Palace, is innovative, fresh, original, and has the tendency to leave audiences grooving and coming back for more.


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