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You Will Want To Go To "San Diego" After This

"San Diego" is a dance-pop single packed with lush synths and a driving pulse. Daphne Gampel’s soulful vocals call out over the song’s dreamy soundscape. Written and inspired by events in July of 2018, the song’s unwavering beat captures the power of love amidst separation. Perfect for rolling down your windows on a drive down the PCH, "San Diego" is the song to blast this summer.

Years-long collaborators Daphne Gampel, Becket Cerny, and Adam Rochelle met at Wesleyan University in 2015. Each with their own unique musical backgrounds, "San Diego" is the product of their exploration into electronic pop.

Since the release of her first album, Eventide (2018), an acoustic project with an 8-piece band, Daphne has grown more interested in electronic sounds. This past summer as Daphne was writing "San Diego", Daphne knew the song called for more than just her and the piano. After finishing the lyrics and and making a demo arrangement, Gampel enlisted Becket Cerny to produce the first several drafts of the track. Becket’s production of Daphne’s K-Pop-based music for Karaoke Superstar (2019) inspired a shift towards electronic music production, leading to a collaboration on their first single, “San Diego.” Cerny looked to musicians like Kygo, Oak Felder, and Clarence Clarity for inspiration in designing the first synths, bass-lines, and drum programming.

Cerny and Gampel then brought Adam Rochelle in on "San Diego" to elaborately produce, mix, and master the final version of the song. Rochelle molded the song over several versions into its final stage, adding many layers of synths, effects, and stylistic elements that make the tune pop. The trio is extremely proud of their release, having taken a step into an exciting new style.

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