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You Won't Want To Sleep On Bower's New Single

A year removed from his debut EP, Bower is showing more vibe with his new single Sleepers. Based in LA, he is a singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who has spent much of the last few years touring in notable indie-pop bands. Sidestepping into his own music has been seamless, and he looks forward to releasing more of it over a promising 2019.

His new single Sleepers is an ode to low-key lovers. The kind of lovers who elect “Netflix and Chill” over “Makeup and Frills”. It’s a laid back portrait of two night owls staying home, entangled on the couch in a dreamlike state. “I’ve always been a homebody and being with someone who shares that preference is such a dangerously sweet spot to be in.”, Bower explains. The song’s warm vocals lay on a bed of swaggy drums, deep bass, and jazzy guitar. The production and musicianship are gritty yet precise. Bower refers to this as “intentional imperfection”, and it gives the song a unique personality. The track is filled with tasty details for those close listeners, but the overall simplicity and smoothness are what really set the mood and make it a jam. It’s a song you’ll want to replay over and over; a lullaby that bumps.

A welcome addition to your playlist, Sleepers is available now on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and all the usual places. Be sure to follow Bower online as well for info about upcoming shows and releases.





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